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Are you pregnant or do you have a baby?
Are you afraid of giving birth?
Are you having a difficult time becoming pregnant?
Are you struggling as a new mother?
You have come to the right place!

SoundBirthing was founded by Chantal Fabrice, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sound and Healing Voice therapist with a specialism in prenatal and perinatal psychology. (APPPAH) and developmental trauma. 

Chantal is currently in the 4th year of a 5-year training in transpersonal integrative psychotherapy (CCPE) and undertaking a 4-year training in Prenatal and Birth Therapy (Castellino Trainings).  Click here for Chantal's full biography.
Women's Voice has been suppressed for far too long in the history of mankind.  Now is the time to reconnect to the ancient wisdom and power of the divine feminine and to reclaim that freedom through informed choices about childbirth and letting go of fears, hurts and past trauma.  Women were designed to give birth.
...Peace on Earth begins with Birth...

Therapist and healer, Chantal has a wealth of experience and knowledge in her field and brings all her skills together to offer the best services for Pregnant Mothers and their Babies.  Chantal works intuitively, she brings ancient and spiritual wisdom into her work and has the ability to tune into her clients on a soul level.
Being pregnant has great potential for healing, healing yourself, your ancestral line and the new life that you are carrying.  It is never too late to work on your issues, even as your children grow up, the work you do on yourself will have a ripple effect both into the past and the future.  When you change, all around you shifts on a vibrational level, your hard work pay off as this change is reflected all around you, including your loved ones.  Chantal can help you with this using Hypnotherapy, Counselling skills, Energy Psychology, Sound Therapy and Therapeutic Voicework, using the power of the healing voice to release deep seated emotions including prenatal and birth memories. EMT (Eye Movement Therapies) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can also help you deal with the emotional aspect of trauma and recurring memories of traumatic experiences.
Be empowered!
"What the mind believes, the body achieves."

At SoundBirthing, we offer private classes and individual sessions designed to teach you the skills and tools that will give your Baby the best start in life.  Our classes focus on relaxation, birth preparation, self-hypnosis, breathing and enhancing bonding and a secure attachment with your Baby from conception to the early years
We also offer private sessions designed to help you reclaim your health and wellbeing, whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.
Preparing to welcome a baby is a life changing experience, not only through your own pregnancy and birth experience, but also for the rest of your life.  If you make a difference to YOUR birth experience, YOU will make a difference not only to YOUR Baby's birth but for the rest of your Baby's life!
...Peace on Earth begins with Birth...
On this website you will find various ways of getting support in dealing with the emotions that pregnancy and childbirth bring, but also any emotions from your past that you may be holding on to.   Isn't time to let them go?
Please feel free to browse all the pages.  There is also lots of information about the life of your baby before birth and how you can support yourself with a simple way of life.  It is no longer a mystery that your baby is affected by not only what you eat, but also how you feel during your pregnancy as all the stress hormones cross the placenta in no time, and particularly if you're having a hard time, this may have long term effects on your child, well into adulthood. 
So is your past taking a hold on you?  It is time to become aware of the effects of your own emotions on your own body and on your baby.  You have the power to change it.  Take action now!

Are you anxious about the health of your baby? 
Do you have obsessive thoughts about "what if..."?
How about Mother's guilt?  Would you like to let go of that one too?  The good news is, you can do it, but take action now by booking an appointment with me and I will help you to regain calm and serenity.  I also work with post-natal depression.
For our website on healing and wellbeing for everyone, please visit: www.castlewoodtherapies.co.uk. 
I am fully insured and registered for all the therapies listed on this website.  For more information on registrations please click here.
To find out how I can help you or to book an appointment, please call me on 020 8265 4308 or email at info@soundbirthing.co.uk. If you leave a message, I will do my best to return your call within 24 hours.




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