Chantal Fabrice

Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology Educator (APPPAH)
Hypnobirthing (The Mongan Method)
Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (Institute of Clinical Hypnosis)
Therapeutic Voicework/Healing Voice Practitioner (Therapeutic Voicework)
Sound Therapy (BAST Method)
Sound Acupuncture & Colour (Tama-Do® International)
Energy Psychology & Counselling Skills (School of Energy Psychology)
Voice & Movement Facilitation (Free the Inner Voice)
Sounding for Birth Facilitation (Chant Prénatal - Paris)
Therapeutic Birth Art Mentor (Birth Art Cafe)
Transpersonal Psychotherapy Skills (CCPE, London)

Dissertation in the use of therapeutic voicework for pregnancy and childbirth


My name is Chantal Fabrice.  I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Sound/Healing Voice Therapist offering birth preparation and ongoing emotional prenatal and post-natal support.  I specialise in prenatal and perinatal psychology/birth psychology and combine all my skills to offer comprehensive birth preparation and ongoing emotional support, including healthy attachment and bonding.  

I am passionate about this work and never cease to be amazed by how prenatal life and how babies come to be born are experiences that impact the lives of human beings for the rest of their life.  I am passionate about the use of the sounding voice as a way of releasing suppressed emotions.

I set up SoundBirthing in Eltham in 2009 and below is the story (if you have time to read!), a story that started in my mother's womb.

My Mum would say, that as a child, I was always attracted to and fascinated with babies!  Personally, I would say that the little child in me was having a soul to soul connection with these babies.

As a little girl I knew that my singing voice was something very special, connected to something deep within myself.  I was however very shy and I used to lock myself in my bedroom so I could sing and particularly when I was alone at home.  Little did I know that my singing voice was directly connected to the journey of my soul and my soul's purpose.

I moved twice to the UK, the first time in 1988 in my early twenties and the second time 10 years later in 1998 and I have been living in London ever since, always filled with sense of being in the right place at the right time.

In 2002, I did a week-long retreat with Diana Cooper who channeled that I had been a singer in the 'Atlantean' times using my voice to heal masses of people in sacred temples.  I had visions of myself as a man with a deep powerful voice.  I did not really know exactly what this meant to me in this life but I felt compelled to ask Diana whether I could sing a few months later at her World Angel Day event in London.  I did not know why but this somehow set me on a path, including breaking through my fears of singing in front of a large audience! I somehow ended up recording a CD for the event.  You can listen to it here:

I had a dream in the recent years.  In this dream, a ship-owner came to me for financial help so he could afford to move a large metal ship stuck in a port.  After initially telling this man that I had no means of helping him financially, I followed him to the ship and with the power of my sounding voice (with deep singing), like waving a magic wand, this enormous ship became unstuck.  What a beautiful message in this metaphoric dream: the Voice indeed can move mountains and I have learned this for myself in real life.

And of course, the vocal apparatus, the whole throat is connected to the perineum! (hint hint)

My professional background:

I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2004 and set up private practice in Surbiton, South West London, dealing with general issues.  I was also running a relaxation group and slowly integrated elements of sound therapy.  I introduced the beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls and I soon realised it was so much more powerful than just relaxation and visualisation alone.  This is when I decided to train professionally as a Sound Therapist. 

In 2007 I frequently travelled to Paris to train in the use of voicework for pregnancy and childbirth. This was the topic for my Sound Therapy dissertation and I subsequently passed my diploma with distinction!  One year later I was training with the HypnoBirthing Institute in the renowned HypnoBirthing method.

In parallel to all this, I had attended many workshops run by Nikki Slade from Free the Inner Voice and subsequently undertook her Voice & Movement Facilitation training.  Through this work, I experienced first hand the power of the voice on the physical, mental and emotional levels and a vibrational shift within myself.  The first time I felt this, it was a rather strange experience.

Each of my subsequent trainings took me deeper and deeper into the layers of the human psyche and emotions, and my fascination for the impact of the prenatal period and birth on the psychological and emotional development of human beings was continuously growing, almost to become an obsession.  Little did I know that this quest was a personal one.

It became very clear that ALL that we have experienced in life is stored on a cellular level whether we are aware of it or not.  How to release negative emotions, recurring patterns and trauma became an obsession for me, a drive to go deeper and deeper within the various layers that make us human beings.

In my quest to deepen my work with sound and the voice, I came across the work of Karina Schelde and instantly knew that I had to train in the Soul Voice® Method and I also took Karina's 3-year teacher training.

Singing had always been a passion since I was a little girl but as an adult, I had been searching for something more: to be able to express my truth.

The voice enables us to through all the mental and emotional layers and access past memories stored on a cellular level throughout a lifetime (and far beyond).  Through releasing these, one can reach true freedom of 'Being' and freedom of expression, and open up to what life really is. Through this shamanic work, I feel supported and strongly connected to my ancestors.

When I sound with my voice, I feel healing energy pouring out of my hands.  A power far beyond my own.  Connecting to the Divine Feminine, to my Ancestors and to the Wisdom of Life, Guides and Beings around me, I know I have access to much greater power than just my own.

Working with the Soul Voice® method took me to explore the connection between my own experiences of birth and my life patterns.  Through 'rebirthing' and using the power of the voice to release the emotions that had been stored on a cellular level, I was able to release some of the imprints of my birth experience.  Baby sounds were also an important part of this process.  The voice allows us to be in touch with such pre-verbal emotions.

It is not, however, until I trained in Pre and Perinatal Psychology and attended Womb Surround Workshops that I started to really heal these prenatal and birth patterns.

From this perspective, it is clear that we cannot ignore the experience babies have not only whilst they are being born but right from conception through to the 9 months of gestation.  In fact, I experienced first hand a traumatic event at 7.5 months gestation, when my mother was hospitalised.  This event had a significant imprint on my life, which I would go as far as saying it was the most significant influence which manifested in recurring patterns affecting my every day life.  It is not until recently that I uncovered this trauma.  Yet, back in 2005, I had experienced a hypnotic regression to the womb during practice with other students and this was such an unpleasant experience on a physical and emotional level that I had to take myself out of it.  I didn't think much of it back then, little did I know this experience was the memory of a real and traumatic event.

Traumatic memories and negative emotions stored in the body can be experienced as physical symptoms and lead to physical and mental and emotional ill health.  Traumatic experiences and emotions such as anxiety, depression, confusion, fear, sadness can all be released from the body through the voice.  The voice is such a powerful tool and each and every person has this power.  Through releasing trauma and negative emotions one can achieve freedom on all the levels of being and become empowered.  I use a very gentle way of releasing trauma.  I incorporate the gentle approach of the somatic PPN field in my current work.

So whether you're pregnant and frightened of childbirth, whether you've had a previous traumatic experience in childbirth or whether you're a young mother with a newborn, I offer a range of treatments that can gently support you in:

  • achieving confidence
  • achieving peace of mind and relaxation
  • releasing your fears
  • healing your past
  • coping better with your newborn
  • achieving a state of wellbeing
  • being more joyful

Pregnancy & Childbirth

  • Hypnobirthing will help you prepare for childbirth and bond with your baby.
  • Sounding for Birth Antenatal support will help you prepare for birth with a very strong focus on bonding with your baby
  • Sound Baths will help you relax, re-tune and bond with your unborn baby
  • Therapeutic Voicework sessions will help you relax and release your fears.  It has the potential to help you release other deep emotions you may have gathered through a lifetime, but also birth trauma, family patterns and ancestral memories.

Mother & Baby

  • Hypnotherapy and counselling skills will help you cope with emotional issues after the birth of your baby
  • Sound Therapy will help you relax on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), it will help you re-tune and bond with your newborn baby
  • Therapeutic Voicework/Soul Voice® sessions will help you and your baby relax and bond.  It will also help you release birth trauma/family patterns/ancestral memories.
  • Check out the post-natal packages here


- APPPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) www.birthpsychology.com

- GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) - www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com

- FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) - www.fedant.com

- British Academy of Sound Therapy Register - www.sacredsound.net

- James Braid Society - www.jamesbraidsociety.com

- BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners) - www.i-c-m.org.uk

- ICNM (Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine) - www.i-c-m.org.uk

- CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) - www.ctha.com
As a member of the above organisations, I am bound to a strict code of conduct and I am committed to ongoing peer supervision and to the continued development of my skills and knowledge through Continual Professional Development programmes.
As per the requirements of the BRCP, I hold a valid First Aid Certificate.
Current trainings:
Since 2017 - Prenatal and Birth Therapy (4-year training) Castellino Trainings
Since 2016 - Templates of Embodiment - Conscious Embodiment Trainings
Since 2013 - Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy (5-year training) at CCPE

Prior Qualifications/Trainings

2014-2016 - Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Education (2-year training) APPPAH
2016 - Therapeutic Birth Art (Birth Art Cafe)
2013-2016 - Soul Voice® Teacher Training (3-year training) Soul Voice® International School
2009-2011 - Soul Voice® Practitioner Certification (3-year training) Soul Voice® International School
2008-2010 - Tama-Do® - Practitioner Certification (3-year training) Tama-Do® Academy
2009 - "Chant Prénatal" specialist training with Paris School "Si Ca Me Chante"
2009 - HypnoBirthing® Practitioner Certification (The Mongan Institute)
2007-2008 - Diploma in Sound Therapy with distinction (2-year training) British Academy of Sound Therapy
2007-2008 - Energy Psychology & Counselling Skills (2-year training) School of Energy Psychology)
2007 - "Chant Prénatal" Facilitator Training - Association Française de Chant Prénatal
2007 - Voice & Movement Facilitation Training (1-year training) Free the Inner Voice
2005 - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy - Dolores Cannon
2005 - Past Life Regression Certificate - Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
2005 - Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
2004 - Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis - Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

SoundBirthing offers group and individual classes. Antenatal and Post-Natal Support.  HypnoBirthing Antenatal Classes (The Mongan Method), Sounding for Birth Antenatal Support, Pregnancy Relaxation Classes, Mother & Baby Relaxation Classes, Pregnancy Sound Therapy, Mother & Baby Sound Therapy and Mother & Todler Sound Therapy in Eltham, close to Blackheath, Charlton, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Blackfen, Sidcup, Orpington, Bromley, Beckhenham, Greenwich, Woolwhich - Private classes also available in South East London, Central London, South West London and North West Kent.