Birth Trauma / Birth after Trauma

If your previous pregnancy ended in a traumatic birth, don't let this put you off having another baby.

Whether you are pregnant now or looking to become pregnant again in the future, I can work with you to release this traumatic experience and help you feel better and look forward to a more positive experience.

Women are often told that they should be happy if their baby is healthy and that is all that matters.  I utterly disagree, your feelings matter and there is no reason why you should bottle up your feelings.  Furthermore your feelings, whether repressed or in the open, get in the way of you bonding with your baby.  Seeking help is a healthy step.

A Birth Trauma Release session lasts 3 hours.  The cost is £150.  It is quite intense but usually enough to bring healing to what went wrong.  If we find, however, that you would benefit further from a second session, I will then recommend a second session.

If your experience however is rooted deeper than what can be seen on the surface, I will offer you ongoing weekly support.

Please note that a Birth Trauma Release session may trigger difficult feelings and may be uncomfortable.  However, this is necessary so that these difficult emotions can be released.  It can be intense too but please rest assured that this work is done in a supportive, caring and non-judgmental way.

Birth often reflects more general difficulties of life.  For example, if you have felt disempowered in giving birth, it is likely you have felt disempowered in many other situations in your life and this is likely to be rooted in your childhood.  If you feel you are not heard, this is likely to show up in your birth experience.  If you go around in life having difficulties with authoritative figures, it could be that authoritative hospital doctor or midwife may bring you, without your realising, into a state of obedience or rebellion, just like it was when you were a child.

Birth reflects who you are.  Your weak points in life will show up right there, how you relate to others, your beliefs about yourself and others, your thinking and behaviour will all affect your birth experience.

This means that as we go through the story of your birth experience and release the traumatic aspects of it, if we identify deeper difficulties for which longer therapy is needed, I will then recommend a course of ongoing therapy sessions.  Whether you take this up, it is entirely up to you, but I highly recommend it because you have much to gain.

If you feel ready to look at this traumatic experience, this session is for you.  For any advice, please contact me.

Giving birth after abuse

If you have experienced any level of sexual abuse in your life and you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, this will affect your birth experience and this will put you in a very vulnerable situation.  The thought of medical staff touching you might be unbearable.  Someone's attitude might trigger an array of negative emotions that may send you yet into just another shock.  No-one understands you.  You might feel you cannot express yourself and feel so distressed about it that you withdraw in fear. 

Don't let birth be yet another traumatic experience for you.  Seek help now.  Commitment to regular therapy is needed to help you on your journey to recovery and regaining a sense of control and empowerment.

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