Holistic Partners / Recommended Services

I work closely with a number of professionals in the South East London / North West Kent area and I have personally met with each and every professional listed below.  However, please note that I any contact or bookings you make are under your own responsibility and I cannot be held accountable under any circumstances.

Doula Support
Tonia Evans
is a local Doula based in South East London.  She covers a wide area and will travel to your home.  Check her website for hospitals and birth centres covered.  She offers both Birth and Post-Natal Packages.
Lorelly Evans
is Tonia's daughter and she is also a local Doula based in South East London.
Contact Tonia on 07717 885 793
Contact Lorelly on

Independent Midwives
Helen Taylor
is both an NHS and private midwife based in Eltham.  She offers consultations on how to make the best of NHS services.  She also offers private antenatal classes, post-natal care and breastfeeding support.
Contact Helen on 07850 952 537

Maternity Reflexology
Reflexology is extremely relaxing and may help your body adjust to the major hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy.  Regular reflexology treatments may help ease ailments such as nausea, backache, digestive problems, anxieties, fears, symphisis pubis discomfort, tension and sleeplessness commonly associated with pregnancy.
Nickie Warran
is a mobile maternity reflexologist.  She is based in Bromley, but will travel to your home around South East London.  I personally met Nickie when she came to my home in Eltham to give me a series of reflexology sessions.  No need to say I enjoyed the treatments!
Contact Nikkie on 020 8698 8725

Liselotte Rollander

Baby Massage
Coaching for Mums & Mums-To-Be
Sonia Calvo at Creating Serenity
is based in Greenwich and offers one-to-one life coaching to support Mums and Mums-to-be get balance in their lives, some well earned time for themselves, and to connect to their true self.  In person, by telephone or via Skype.
Contact Sonia on 07786 837 648
Supporting Mums balance the magical and the practical