My Mission
My mission is to support women to be empowered in childbirth and help them reclaim their power of self-expression as well as their power in all aspects of life so they can truly be and shine in the authenticity of who they truly are as human beings.  The skills I teach are for life.
My mission is to support babies in being born as gentle as possible so they can thrive as the beautiful beings of light that they are, bringing happiness and joy to their surroundings and growing with ease in the remembering of their soul's journey.  Babies are aware, conscious, perceptive, sensitive, they have full emotional capacity right from the beginning, and the way they are born will affect them for the rest of their life.  Let's honour their wisdom and the magic they bring!
My mission is to help women heal from the wounds left by traumatic experiences in childbirth, including the imprints of their own prenatal and birth memories, the array of emotions they are left with.  My mission is to bring healing and helping women see and understand on many levels why their experiences were the way they were, thereby helping them to heal their body as well as their spirit, transforming the wounds into a beautiful gift of life.  There is no need to suffer in silence.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
To create a peaceful and loving world, human beings need a peaceful and loving start to their life.  Babies need to feel welcome, loved and safe.  Did you feel welcome when you were born?  Did you feel the world around you was aggressive and unsafe?  How did it feel like for you growing up?  Did you feel like a soul trapped in a body?  Do you now feel trapped in your life? in your body? 
If you are ready to break the negative emotional and psychological patterns that run your life, I can help you.  If you want to help yourself, if you want to help your little ones have a different experience than the suffering you went through, I can help you.
I welcome contacts from other health professionals who share similar missions.
Love & Blessings