My Philosophy

I believe in babies' consciousness.  I believe in cellular memory.
The way we felt in our mother's womb is the way we feel throughout our life and the way we are born also sets the way.  Our life is merely a repetition of the way we were conceived, how we felt in our mother's womb and the way we were born.

The womb is not necessarily this wonderful welcoming warm home that we assume it is, at least it should not be taken for granted.  Babies in utero are extremely sensitive and sentient beings, on many levels.  Most people assume that because their brain is not developed enough, they cannot feel anything.  Research shows the contrary.

Babies will take part in their own birth if given the space to do so.  Babies under the influence of medication or anaesthetics cannot do so and may be left feeling powerless amongst other difficult feelings, all of which will repeat in their life, unless this is addressed and healed.  There are ways of supporting babies during such difficult experiences and I can teach you how to.

If we ever want to create peace in the world, it is time to look at the way babies are nurtured during the gestation period and how they are welcomed at birth.

Many babies are subjected to painful medical procedures that no adult would want for themselves, so why do we do this to babies? (and to women who often suffer in silence?)  This leaves various levels of trauma that will influence their adult life on a psychological level.  Violation of space at any point in the making and growing of new life has life long repercussion.  Such feelings are then compounded during childhood and sets the way for difficulties in adulthood.

Interventions cannot always be avoided, they do happen!  However, your baby's experience can be significantly different if he or she feels your love and support.  Prenatal bonding is key in how your baby will experience their birth.  When babies are included in their birth story, they are more resilient to traumatic experiences.

I would encourage anyone to look at their own birth.  Ask your Mum while you can.  Often we might think "why bother?" "let's leave the past in the past" "we don't remember our birth anyway" - yes, we do, on a somatic level through what is called cellular memory.  The body remembers and the body never lies.  The cells of your body remember it all.

The reason why we should bother - and it takes courage, I know - is because the unconscious dynamics of our existence have a ripple effect on our children and the children of our children.  Even if your children are now grown up, you can still heal yourself and prevent trauma from being passed down the line, all kinds of trauma.  After all, you also carry your ancestors trauma of birth and trauma(s) of life.  Who is going to deal with those?  The thing is, you really need to know that you have the power to influence your blood lineage and if you don't do anything, it usually gets worse...  We are each a unique piece of the puzzle in our family history.  Transgenerational trauma is real.

Interference with birth creates various levels of trauma in the bonding process, I say trauma because to the baby it feels like it, it's a raw feeling, the pain of separation, isolation, physical pain, etc.  Babies need the warmth of their mother's skin, they need that first eye to eye contact, that soul to soul recognition, that sense of safety "I am here to protect you", they need that sense of connection, which all human beings need.  This in turn gets passed down the line through bonding/lack of bonding from mother/father to children and so on. 

Women who are unfortunate enough to give birth with chemical assistance (any: epidural/anaesthetics/induction etc) cannot produce or only produce a very limited amount of the love hormone called Oxytocin.  This is the hormone of CONNECTION.  Most adults in the therapy room suffer from feelings of disconnection, loneliness, irrational fears, grief, separation anxiety, etc.  Something to think about...

When you heal your own birth, it influences not only the way you give birth, but also the way your children (male or female) give birth.  For birth professionals, it also influences the way you can support women in pregnancy and childbirth as you no longer project your birth experience onto these women.

If you would like to know more, if you would like to start looking at how your birth impacted your life, if you would like to give birth in a more conscious manner, if you wish to heal a traumatic birth experience as a mother, please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

Love & Blessings,