Post-Natal Support

It is important for new mothers to feel supported.  Motherhood brings many feelings which often are not understood.  Perhaps motherhood is not quite what you expected or perhaps you are struggling with new feelings of inadequacy towards your baby.  Perhaps your bonding time was affected by various events during or after the birth of your baby.  Perhaps your experience wasn't quite what you wanted and you are left with negative feelings.

Post-Natal Support sessions can give you a space just for yourself, to express and explore how you feel.  I can offer you a caring and non-judgmental support and help you develop strength and confidence in your personal abilities.

I can help you reinstate a healthy bond with your baby.

Commitment to regular therapy is necessary.  The cost is £50 per 50 mins. sessions and you can come along with your baby.
Assessment session: £50

Contact me for more information.