Pregnancy Relaxation

Are you anxious about your pregnancy?
Are you anxious about becoming a new Mum?
Are you stressed or struggling to find balance?
Or are you struggling to relate to your unborn Baby?

Do you just need a break?

What will I experience in a Pregnancy Relaxation Session?

There are many ways to relax and connect with yourself... relaxation, guided meditations, visualisation, breathing, drawing are but a few of the tools that can be used during a session.

All techniques and exercises used in this session are designed to help you relax and  support you through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond!  No 2 sessions are the same.

You will be gently guided to connect with your own inner wisdom and with your unborn Baby.

Bonding with your Baby is a strong element of this session.

I can also teach you how to use soft sounds to relax and connect with your Baby.  I may also incorporate other elements of Sound Therapy as appropriate, if you wish.

Having a Baby is a right brain process!  It requires no thinking, just BEING.

Reconnect with yourself!

How much does it cost?

£50 for a one-off session
£40 per 1-hour session when committing to 6 sessions

Come along with a friend and pay £30 each for 1.5hrs
3 of you together and pay £25 each for 1.5hrs

2 of you together and pay £60 each for 2.5hrs
3 of you together and pay £40 each for 2.5hrs



To book your course or for more information,
please call Chantal on 020 8265 4308
Tel. 020 8265 4308
If you leave a message, I will do my best to return your call within 24 hours.