Prenatal Bonding

We now know the importance of bonding with your unborn baby during pregnancy and the impact this can have.  The way you relate to your unborn baby will affect how you relate when your baby is born.  We also know that babies are affected in in many ways, for example a traumatic event whilst pregnant can impact a baby's emotional being.  Negative emotions also translate into a cocktail of hormones that crosses the placenta and is perceived by the baby in utero as stress.

It's very simple, when you are happy, endorphins run through your body and reach your baby.  So when you are happy, your baby is happy!

When things get difficult, there are special ways of supporting your baby.

Prenatal Bonding sessions will teach you how to relate and how to communicate with your baby in new ways.  These sessions provide a special space for you to intuitively be in touch with your unborn baby and 'tune into' this new soul, to become more aware of your baby's  needs and to discover that this little being is already very in tune with you.

A single Prenatal Bonding session lasts 2 hours.  The cost is £100.
Ongoing 1hr sessions can also be planned.  The cost is £50.

Sessions are tailored to your needs and I will use various intuitive tools, such as relaxation and visualisation to support you.  I draw on my skills from the field of prenatal psychology to guide you towards developing a healthy bond with your baby.

If you wish, I can also teach you how to use soft sounds to relax and connect with your baby.
I can also guide you to create a special bonding/welcoming song just for your baby.

Who is it for?
- Mum on her own
- Mum and Dad together
- Other siblings from 2nd session onwards if more than one sessions are required
- Other family members can join in if you wish to do some sounding/singing together.  What would be more wonderful than your loved ones singing with you in this very special family bond.

Recommended Reading:

- The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, Dr Thomas Verny
- The Mind of your Newborn Baby, David Chamberlain
- Welcoming Consciousness, Wendy Anne McCarty