Sound Therapy and Therapeutic Voicework (Healing Voice)
for releasing emotions and nurturing the soul

When traumatic experiences occur, we feel disconnected from our body, our feelings, our intuition, our Soul.  Yet, our bodies are crying for help and if we are not able to reconnect the different parts of ourselves, we experience dis-ease, physical illness, depression, anxiety, irrational fears, we feel lost, we get caught in emotional issues one after another and we become unable to cope with life. We cannot be at peace if we are not in alignment with our true selves, we cannot be at peace if we are not connected to our Soul.  Using the sounding voice as a therapeutic tool, Chantal can help you touch the deepest part of your being, reconnect and transform yourself and your whole life.

It is time to wake up and start listening to our bodies and releasing deep seated emotions from our bodies.  Living in our head doesn't work as we are not just our head!  Having a body is part of being human.  Giving birth is not a head process but a body/physiological process.  Giving birth is such a powerful rite of passage, it has enormous potential for women to reconnect to their own wisdom and to heal the feminine on a wide scale.

Did you know that the way you were born can affect the way you will give birth?

If you had a traumatic birth yourself, it is highly likely that this will influence the birth of your baby in a negative way.  This is true for Dads too!

It is important to understand that if you have fears, these will play out during the birth process.  The fear/stress hormones released in your body will be picked up unconsciously by the mother and counterproductive to labour.  During labour, the mother needs to be relaxed (endorphins and oxytocins are essential for labour to progress).  Unfortunately the good hormones cannot be present at the same time as the stress hormones.  Even a stressed midwife will influence the labour process in a negative way.  Not only that, but you would be likely to be in shock yourself from the memory of the trauma, which not only may be unpleasant for yourself, but also it might mean you would not be emotionally be present.

Furthermore, on a vibrational level, the memory of your birth is stored in each and every cell of your body and this is highly likely to have been passed down, again on a cellular level.

As you release trauma from your body and its imprint, you release the negative vibration/energies enabling you and your baby to move to a more positive vibration/experience.

I plan to expand on this, but in the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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